Types of Effective Traditional Marketing

With the dawn of internet marketing, there are some that claim print and traditional marketing are dead. This statement is false, as marketing and business printing harrisburg services are still an effective way to reach customers and generate leads. Let’s explore some of the most effective traditional marketing strategies you can use to keep your business in the public eye.


Don’t underestimate the power of a great sign – signs are still an excellent way to reach out to your audience. Signage can be placed on several different areas and even automobiles, such as taxis and buses. They can be used to turn the front of shops and buildings into works of art that show off your brand’s image and garner attention.

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Direct Mail

Directly mailing information, brochures, and flyers to customers can prove to be highly effective. Your brand can get creative and personalize mail to target specific audiences and present them with information that’s easy to understand and, in turn, more influential. It also increases brand recall, which can go a long way in improving your sales and the recognition of your brand.


While it may seem old school, there is power in handing out flyers or brochures for your business. It’s much like a business card, presenting your brand to potential customers and providing a short face-to-face interaction. Handing out information can result in higher response rates and allows you to go to different areas to reach your target audience more effectively.

With signs, direct mail, and hand-outs, you can make sure that your brand is known. Your business can thrive when implementing traditional marketing techniques along with digital marketing. By putting your brand on different social media outlets and having print campaigns, you can see significant improvement and growth for your business.