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Tips For Keeping Your Computers, Data And Infrastructure Secure

With computers running our life making sure that our data and credentials to that data are secure is a priority of any tech company.  However, with breaches from Facebook, Equifax and countless other companies hitting the news on an almost daily basis, the security of our data and information needs to be taken into our own hands before it becomes corrupt.

With an it management provider walnut creek ca we can work together to ensure that anything that we post online, is gleamed in public or otherwise acquired isn’t taken out of context or used against us.  Beyond that here are some tips that you can use to ensure your information is secure.

Never write it down

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Once you write it down it becomes unsecure.  Usernames, Passwords and codes should be randomized and kept in the back of your mind.  Some of the problem with this is that we have so many passwords and codes these days it is impossible to keep them safe and secure.  The best way to handle this is to really design your own mental system that you can use to decode this information when needed.

Don’t give info to anybody

When we get calls and emails people will be asking for the last four digits of a social security number, a pass phrase or even personal information.  It is important that you never give this information out over the phone.  Many conversations are recorded for quality assurance and aren’t always masked.  When you find yourself in this situation ask for another way to be verified.

Backup everything

When working with data make sure that everything you do is backed up. Have a third-party backup service contain your data offsite and secure.  Over the course of time switch up your backup services to ensure that your data is secure and out of the hands of criminals.