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Selecting The Correct Point Of Sale System For Your Business

Running a business takes a lot of work and dedication.  Long hours, a top quality product and even customer support at the most inconvenient times.  All and all however, the ability to run your own business will pay off in the long run. 

When developing your business, deciding on the right POS, or point of sale system, can mean the difference between taking orders and not.  Whether it’s a dry cleaning pos system or a POS for a convenience store, you will want to consider the following features before making a purchase decision.

Ease of use

Any point of sale system needs to be easy to use.  If you or your employees can’t find a product, customer information or even operate the most basic of functions then your POS won’t serve you well.  Deciding on the right equipment needs to be easy.  The menu self-explanatory, the icons easy to read and the ability to recall and enter information when needed is critical.

dry cleaning pos system

Receipt printer

To help keep sales straight having the ability to print receipts is important.  Many POS systems will have a built-in receipt printer where others don’t.  Having a physical receipt will allow your customers to return and get assistance much easier. Having an email receipt system is good as well but having a physical piece of paper will speed up the process.

Loyalty program

Having the ability to run a loyalty program, membership club or something similar will help increase your sales greatly.  When we have these programs implemented in our business the ability to track customer sales, contact them with special offers and even give the high paying customers unadvertised discounts can help in improving your businesses monetary flow.

Cloud Connectivity

The world is moving to the cloud.  As such having your POS on the cloud or at least have access to the cloud will allow you to access and manage your information from any location.  With a tablet or other handheld device you and your employees should be able to take sales anywhere and have them recorded on your POS.